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Lee and Nancy Kronenberg

Lee and Nancy are residents of Williamston, Michigan and have been members of SAC for more than a decade. Both are award-winning artists in their own right, and now they often combine their talents to create artwork that many have found exciting and unique.

As a psychologist working in Corrections, Lee needed a break from the intensity of that career. He discovered that melting steel and creating beautiful art was just what he needed. He has been at it ever since. He uses steel and copper for many of his innovations and has worked on sculptures from very small to very large.

Lee enjoys shaping and molding metals into pleasing and unusual forms. Sometimes, sculpting begins as a free-form journey. Sometimes the design takes shape from a thought or inspiration. The most exciting experience occurs when he dreams about a sculpture, and then begins to build on that dream.

Nancy is a retired social worker who began developing her art talents later in life. She started painting after being present during an art lesson in a kindergarten class where she was an aid. In 2009, she developed an interest in working with clay and has been enjoying creating both functional as well as sculptural pieces of art.

What inspires Nancy to create art is just about everything. It can be a phrase that resonates with her, a poem that is especially moving, looking at art of every medium, especially sculpture. It can be something as simple as noticing a unique shape or it can be memories of her childhood from the inner city of Philadelphia. It somehow enters her psyche and moves into her creations.

Very often, Lee and Nancy collaborate to produce sculptures that combine ceramics with steel and/or copper. They love seeing the reactions of art lovers when viewing these one- of-a-kind-sculptures. Both Lee and Nancy continue to learn, to enjoy, and to appreciate art.

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