February 1st- March 13th Exhibit

The Shiawassee Arts Center opens its first exhibit of 2022 featuring the work of artists Rich Tesner of Flushing, Lisabeth Curnow of Holt, Nanette Mathe of Lansing and Andrea Czarnik of Saginaw. The exhibit, which runs February 1 through March 13, is generously sponsored by. The public is welcome to schedule an appointment to attend the ‘Meet the Artist’ event on Sunday, February 6 from 1-3pm.

As an artist and instructor,  Rich Tesner looks for inspiration through the exploration of the world around him. Tesner is an avid traveler, photographer, and painter. He enjoys spending hours behind the lens in hopes of capturing one or two images that might reveal themselves as opportunities for a new painting. His painting style ranges between impressionism and photorealism, and is greatly influenced by the subject matter. Each painting has a story and each one is a reflection of who Rich is as a person and an artist.

Lisabeth Curnow, Nanette Mathe and Jim Durow have collaborated together to create a group exhibit themed “Nature Interpretations”. In watercolor, drawings, photography, mixed media and carved wood, these Artists will be interpreting the same subject in their own style and medium.

Andrea Czarnik is a plein air artist based out of Saginaw, Michigan.  She studied at The American Academy of Art and at the Art Institute of Chicago which provided her foundation and practical expertise.  Early on she pursued her own desktop publishing business in the ’90s while raising a family.  She holds a Masters Degree in Education and enjoys teaching basic painting and drawing concepts.  Her activities in plein air painting with other artists she admires keeps her open to discovery in the interpretation of her surroundings leading to unique compositions and color harmonies.

The Shiawassee Arts Center, located at 206 Curwood Castle Drive in Owosso, is open to the public Monday through Friday 10-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 12-4pm. The Arts Center features the artwork of local and statewide artists in eight galleries including the Frieseke Gallery and a specialty Gift Shop. The public is welcome to schedule an appointment and there is no admission charge. SAC, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage participation and appreciation of the arts. For more information 989.723.8354 or visit www.shiawasseearts.org.

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