Adult Class: “June Walk” Watercolor

Instructor: Anita Saviko
When: Thursdays, June 7 – 28, 10 AM – 12 PM (4 Weeks)
Age Level: Adult
Fee: Member-$ 100/  Non-Member-$110

Not a basic or beginners class, some previous painting experience helpful.) Small class. This class will feature watercolor techniques that explore the use of shading and shadow to shape flowers and landscapes adding that extra sparkle to your work. The instructor, Anita Saviko, will do a step-by-step demonstration at the beginning of class using 7 tubes of watercolor and 2 brushes. Sketches, reference photos and written instructions will be provided. The student will have the balance of the class to paint with gentle suggestions from the instructor, if requested. Allow 2-4 hours to paint at home each week. This is a fun relaxing way to pick up or refresh your technique and get you jump-started for summer painting. See you in class!


Watercolor Workshop Supply List 2018
Please don’t let the list frighten you! You may have some paints and brushes on hand, so before you rush out and buy more, just bring what you currently have to the first class and we’ll sort them out. You may want to wait until after the first class to purchase your supplies. (Call me at 517-256-8335 or e-mail if you have questions about the class.)

Paper and Brushes may be purchased at local art stores – use 40% off coupons or shop specials. Paints are hard to find locally and I suggest you order these online.

Arches white 140# cold press watercolor paper. You may purchase in class from instructor: 4 sheets of 11’ x 15” is $6.00.

1 pad of 11” x 15” Strathmore 400 spiral bound #140 cold press watercolor paper. (This is the only student grade watercolor paper I recommend.)

#10 pointed round brush (Any good synthetic brush is ok– about $15)
1” Flat Wash Brush – (Synthetic nylon brush with plastic scraper handle is good. The brush should come to a flat chisel edge when wet. – $10-25)
Optional – Rigger/liner brush #4 or 5 – $5-7
Optional – 1 1⁄2 to 2” goat/sheep’s hair Hake’ style wash brush – $3-4

Artist grade watercolors have the brightness and paint quality that allows you to create the “look” in watercolors that you love.
Artist Grade Watercolors 14-15ml tubes Basic tubes for Serious Beginner Classes
• Lemon Yellow – light green-yellow (or Hansa yellow)
• Cadmium Yellow Light– light orange yellow
• Quinacridone Rose – violet red
• Cadmium Red Light – orange-red
• Cerulean Blue-green blue (sky blue in a tube)
• Ultramarine Blue – violet-blue
• Burnt Sienna – a burnt orange-brown
• These 7 colors will give you over 1230 colors and tints when mixed, which will save you lots of money. Purchase “Artist Grade” when possible and the larger tubes 14/15ml gives you lots of paint and frees you up to use your colors liberally.

• You will probably have to purchase them through an online artist supply to get the best price on paints and shipping. I recommend Dick Blick brand watercolors from or Michael Wilcox School of Color (more expensive) Paper: You might want to purchase your paper on-line also if difficult to find locally.

We don’t skimp on paper, paint, and brushes, but everything else we use what we find in the house/garage/or dollar store. Starred items will be available in class, but you will need them to paint successfully at home.

1” binder for class notes – holds standard size 3-hole paper
Backing: 16” x 20” x 1/8” clear plastic – sand or tape edges because they are sharp.
Local hardware stores will cut you a piece of 1/8” plastic (kind used for storm doors).
1” masking tape – dollar store – not colored blue/green
White palette – with large open mixing areas or White foam sectioned tray is fine.
Tackle box with trays and compartments
2 Water Buckets– plastic 32-oz yogurt container works
Roll of paper towel
Roll of 2-ply toilet tissue – no lotions added
Brush Carrier –flat piece of cardboard cut 1” longer than your longest brush and large flat
rubber band like the one on broccoli to hold your brushes in place.
2 Kneaded erasers (gray square) and sharp #2 pencil
Small utility knife
Eye Dropper
Small spritzer water bottle – fine mist, $1 at dollar stores
Table salt in a small capped container
Wear something comfortable and washable

16” x 20” White Mat inside 10 1/2 x 13 1/2” opening
*Masking Fluid – Frisket or similar brand.
*Large sheet of black transfer paper (artist carbon paper)
*Tracing paper – pad 11 x 15- size of your watercolor paper
Metal palette knife with off-set handle
Natural sponges (usually 3 in a mesh pkg.)
Spiral bound sketchbook/journal – 5” x 7” or 8” and 6B soft drawing pencil
Canvas Bag with cloth handles to carry everything
* Masking fluid, Transfer carbon, Tracing paper will be available in class.

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