Susan McGuire

Art has been a constant in most of my life. I started out drawing and acrylic painting in my teens. I dabbled in every media while earning an art teaching degree 1975. Somewhere in the 80’s, I learned that watercolor could be an enjoyable challenge. In the past year, I have taken a couple of pastel classes and found a wonderful new way of expression.

Inspired by nature, intrigued by people, I strive to highlight both by the use of a recognizable art medium. I like to represent my everyday subject matter with watercolor that showcases the fluidity and transparency of the medium or with the painterly, colorful and opaque qualities of pastel. I start out with a subject that I am excited about or that moves me.

Since 1984 I  have worked in a commercial print shop as a graphic artist/manager. I draw or design an annual Christmas card, missing only a few years since my start in 1974. I have developed quite a following and find it rewarding and challenging to not disappoint those looking forward to them.

Creating art is an ongoing learning process. There is always something new and exciting to experiment with. I enjoy the art experience whether just playing or creating a finished product. I have numerous ideas for subject matter and struggle only with corralling my time to bring them to realization.

Art is good for my well being. It is my peace, my yoga in permanent visual form.  Art satisfies the yearning to exercise my mind and get my fingers dirty. If I end up with a work on public display or that is purchased – that is a huge bonus.

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