Philip Ruehle, Artist/Instructor MFA

When:  Tuesday, April 23-May 28   12:30-3:30.

Age Level: Intermediate Drawing

Fee: SAC member $115/non-member $125

This six-week course will serve as a continuation in the study of representational drawing.  Students will explore the process and techniques of charcoal while working from the landscape, still life, and figure (portraits and hands).  Each week will consist of a demo at the beginning of class followed by one-on-one instruction.

Required Materials:

  • Soft or Extra Soft Vine Charcoal – Winsor & Newton or Utrecht
  • Compressed Charcoal (Stick & Pencil)
  • White Charcoal Pencil
  • Tortillon
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Drawing Paper (11”x14” or 16”x20”) – Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Paper is recommended.


Instructor: Jim Reinert, Master Potter, Instructor
When:  Six-weeks, Thursdays, June 27-August 8 (No class on July 4)
Age Level: Beginning to Advanced
Fee: Member $145 /  non-Member $155
Pre-registration & payment required: Call 989-723-8354

Come experiment with clay!  Learn various techniques of wheel throwing, handbuilding and glazing. Bring your tools, with vinyl gloves and sandpaper in your tool box for glazing.. Individual development is of primary importance. Class includes 25-lbs. of clay, glazes and firing. Dress for mess!


Instructor: Linda Beeman
When: March 22-24, 2019
Age Level: Adult
Fee: Member-$ 310/  Non-Member-$330

This is an intensive 3-day workshop that covers various aspects of the traditional and rare Japanese printmaking process – Mokuhanga.  The process is versatile and differs from western (oil-based ink) woodblock in that it is water-based and non-toxic, using watercolor pigment, wood block, Japanese carving tools, rice paste and Japanese paper to create beautiful refined prints.  It is done entirely by hand without a printing press.  Each participant will learn how to design, carve and print an edition of multicolored woodblock prints.  They will learn the kento registration system.  At the end of the workshop, a print exchange will occur offering each student the opportunity to go home with a print from each of their classmates. Printmaking experience is not required!



Material Fee: $50 due to the artist on day 1 of the workshop – The $50 materials fee covers two 8 x 10 woodblocks, Japanese paper and use of instructor’s tools, pigment, miscellaneous supplies.  Additional supplies will be available for purchase.



Instructor: Philip Ruehle, MFA, Artist/Instructor
When: Six Week Class, March 5 – April 9
Age Level: Adult
Fee: Member-$115  /  Non-Member-$125
Pre Registration & payment required: Call 989-723-8354

This course will serve as an introduction to various painting techniques, methods and materials. The focus will be placed on stilllife and landscape when developing both single and multiple session paintings.  Students may choose to work in either oil or acrylic. Class will consist of numerous demos and one-on-one instruction.



Supply List:

Cadmium Yellow
Cadmium Red
Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue
Sap Green
Burnt Sienna
Titanium White
Optional: Viridian Green
Stand Oil (if working in oil)
Slow drying medium (if working in acrylic)
Assortment of flbert brushes
Canvas or panel (x4) 11 x 14
Palette knife (metal is preferred over plastic)
Small glass jar (for oil painters)
Medium to large plastic or glass jar (acrylic painters)

Instructor: Philip Ruehle, MFA, Artist/Instructor
When: Six-weeks, Wednesdays, 1  – 4 pm
Wednesdays, July 17 – August 21.
Age Level: Adult
Fee: Member $115  /  non-Member $125
Pre-registration & payment required: Call 989-723-835

Receive one-on-one instruction while exploring the painting genre of your choice (still life, landscape, portraiture, non-objective abstract, etc). This is a great opportunity to experiment with something new or to improve upon something with which you currently find challenging. Students need to bring their own supplies. Mineral spirits provided.



The next six-week session will begin on Wednesday, July 17, at 1 pm.


Instructor: Arthur Johns
When: Fall, 2019
Where: Arthur Johns’ Forge & Design Studio (north of Elsie)
Age Level: Adult (16+)
Fee: Member-$ 220/  Non-Member-$235




This five-week course offers a comprehensive hands-on overview of the art of blacksmithing.

Students will be introduced to basic forging and metalworking techniques including stock manipulation (both bar stock and sheet metal forming), basic tool making, traditional joinery and finishing techniques. It also offers insights into design development and execution. Students will make some of their own tools and design/build their own individual projects. Students need to furnish safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves and appropriate footwear.

Arthur is an artist/blacksmith with a Master of Fine Arts degree and primarily works in forged iron or steel.

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