Beginners Watercolor with Lisabeth Curnow



Beginners Watercolor, Lisabeth Curnow Artist/Instructor

$115 SAC Member/$125 Guest
Thursday, October 27- December 8, 10am- 12:30pm
This Watercolor Basics course with Lisabeth Curnow is perfect for beginners.
Starting with an introduction into essential watercolor supplies and tools, followed
by weekly demos and exercises to help students learn basic techniques and skills.
By the end of the course you will have a good understanding of what is needed to
complete a painting that you would be proud to hang on your wall or give as a gift.
There will be a supply list posted online soon and available at sign up.
Instructor, Lisabeth Curnow is an award winning watercolor and plein air artist. She has participated in many competitions, plein air events ,and shows throughout the state of Michigan and mid-west.

Supply List for Watercolor

This list is just a suggestion to get you started. Buy the best quality your budget allows


A good starting point for paint is using a basic limited primary palette, one that includes one warm and one cool of each primary color.



Ultramarine or Cobalt (cool)

Cerulean, Prussian, or Turquoise (warm)

Alizarin Crimson or Rose Madder (cool)
Cadmium Red or Vermillion (warm)
Aureolin, Cad. Light, Lemon Yellow (cool)
Cad. Medium, Raw Sienna, Quin. Gold (warm)
Additional colors that are useful:

Sepia, Burnt Sienna, or Payne’s Gray



A couple of round brushes with a good point, in a medium and smaller size. Suggestion: Size 12 and Size 6A

flat brush at least 1 inch wide other brushes – detail/liner brush and a small flat hard bristled brush for scrubbing



My preference is Arches #140 Cold Press 100% rag in a block Paper is an investment, it can be pricey.

Use those Micheal’s coupons! Brands to consider: Arches, Strathmore, Bee, or Fabriano

Other supplies you’ll need:                

Palette with large area for mixing

Paper towel
Pencil/White rubber eraser
 Sponges  2 (yes 2) water containers
Supplies you will eventually want to try:
Reference photos
Masking fluid or packing tape
Exacto knife or embossing tool
Hard Board/tape for mounting paper

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