Improve Your Technique Watercolor Series



Winter Watercolor Workshops
Each workshop will focus on specific skill building techniques and exercises to improve your watercolor paintings. There will be demos, discussions, and practice exercises along with time to paint independently with instructor input and guidance.
Appropriate for beginner to intermediate skill level
Each workshop cost is $52 SAC Member/ $62 Guest. Please register early!
Bring a sack lunch and beverage
Friday, Dec 13th  9:30am to 4:30pm
Using color to create mood, emphasis, and focal point for more dynamic watercolor paintings.
Including color mixing and methods to create deep tones that remain vivid – not muddy
Friday, Jan 3rd  9:30am to 4:30pm
Using the white of your paper for fresh and vibrant watercolor paintings
Strategies for preserving white spaces, including planning ahead, techniques, tools, and problem solving
Friday Jan 31st  9:30am to 4:30pm
How to make the water work for you – working smarter, not harder
Tips and techniques on how to “control” water, including blooms and backruns
Friday Feb 28th  9:30am to 4:30pm
Painting from life – Still life session
Improving your observational skills to create the light, shadow, and textures that are in traditional still life paint
Supply List for Watercolor

This list is just a suggestion to get you started. Buy the best quality your budget allows
A good starting point for paint is using a basic limited primary palette, one that
includes one warm and one cool of each primary color.

Blue: Red:
Ultramarine or Cobalt (cool) Alizarin Crimson or Rose
Madder (cool)
Cerulean, Prussian, or Turquoise (warm) Cadmium Red or Vermillion

Additional colors that
are useful:
Aureolin, Cad. Light, Lemon Yellow (cool) Sepia, Burnt Sienna, or
Payne’s Gray
Cad. Medium, Raw Sienna, Quin. Gold (warm)
A couple of round brushes with a good point, in a medium and smaller size.
Suggestion: Size 12 and Size 6
A flat brush at least 1 inch wide
Other brushes – A quill brush and a small flat hard bristled brush for scrubbing
My preference is Arches #140 Cold Press 100% rag in a block
Paper is an investment, it can be pricey. Use those Micheal’s coupons!
Brands to consider: Arches, Strathmore, Bee, or Fabriano
Other supplies you’ll need:
Palette with large area for mixing 2 water containers for cleaning brushes/painting
Paper towel Masking fluid or packing
Exacto knife or embossing tool Pencil/White rubber eraser
Sponges Hard Board/tape for mounting paper
Practice paper Reference photos


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