Artists, Janet Baugher & Tom Tomasek  

SAC Member Artist Show 2018

Celebrating its 21 year anniversary is the Shiawassee Arts Center’s annual Member Artists Show featuring a variety of multi-media artwork of Michigan artists beginning May 1 and running through June 24 at the Shiawassee Arts Center. This show is generously sponsored by Clark Shanahan.

The wide range of mediums and styles of our member artists creates an incredibly lively and colorful display sure to impress any visitor, so stop in and check out the show.

2018 Winners

Janet Baugher, “Transcending” – Encaustic $300
Tom Tomasek, “April 2-Fisherman’s Island” – Pastel $900

Bob Crawford, “Close Up of a Scratched Fender”
Photography $150

Linda Ruehle, “Off the Loom”
Stoneware $95

Philip Ruehle, “P.K.R.”
Pastel $750

Karen Marumoto, “Wings & Things”
Pottery SOLD

Alice Tompkins
“Queen Anne’s Lace” $32

Kate Wilcox-Leigh – “Leather Trillion Framed in Sterling Silver on a handmade chain” $535

Joy Schroeder, “Star Bright, Starry Night”
Monotype $600

Linda Beeman, “Night Falls”
Mokuhanga $250

Doug DeLind, “Poseidon’s Dream”
Acrylic, sizing spray paint, $800

2018 Member Show Artists

Nancy Kronenberg
“We’re not in Kansas Anymore”

Ann Lee Merrill
“Morning on the River”

Joel Ellis
“Summer Day”

Catherine Popowich

Marie Gougeon
“Little Green Meany”

Marti Liddle-Lameti
“Taking Flight”

Marcia Guetschow
“To Autumn”

Gary Mulnix, “Buoys”
Bonnie Brown, “A Day at the Dunes”

Paul Rozycki
“Cotton Candy”

Teresa Hunter
“Arabian Filly”

Brett Rogers
“Gone Fishing”

Alan Friend – “Mackinac Island View from the Grand Hotel”

Rebecca Case
“Lonely Lookout”

Rich Wood

Juanita Baldwin
“Longing For Spring”

Patricia Woodman
“A Bright Spot in Winter”

Marie Laurier
“Muslin Fabric”

Deb Cholewicki
“Sculptural Antler Basket”

Sue Monroe
“The Exquisite Woman”

Debbie Auble
“Winter Chickadee”

Rich Tesner
“Poolside Sunset”

Natalie Park

Barb Walworth

Bill Angus

Suzanne Hunt
“Summer Commeth”

Elaine Dobrowolski
“Dietritus I”

Linda Van Cise
“Flower Garden”

Tom Lipinski
“Carhart to Couture”

Gerald Moore
“Late September Field”

Linda Hill
“Bees at the Screen Door”

Dan Chrenka
“Reflections of Fisherman’s Warf”

Sheryl Stephens
“The Lilac Garden”

Anita Saviko
“Birch Point”

Lee Kronenberg, “World Peace-The Hope”

Maryann Boyd
“Pastoral Splendor”

Susan McGuire
“Winter Leaves, Spring Arrives”

Angela Hamilton
“Junkyard Fawns”

Bill Angus, Flushing
James Atkinson, North Street
Debbie Auble, Perry
Juanita Baldwin, Okemos
Janet Baugher, Owosso
Linda Beeman, Owosso
Maryann Boyd, DeWitt
Jeanette Brayan, Flint
Bonnie Brown, Corunna
Eldon Case, Okemos
Rebecca Case, Okemos
Deborah Cholewicki, Holt
Dan Chrenka, Swartz Creek
Bob Crawford, Williamston
Anni Crouter, Flint
Doug DeLind, Mason
Laura DeLind, Mason
Elaine Dobrowolski, Gaines
Joel F. Ellis, Haslett
Diane Fountain, Owosso

Alan Friend, East Lansing
Deb Gilbert, Owosso
Marcia Guetschow, Brighton
Marie Gougeon, Laingsburg
Mark Green, Owosso
Angela Hamilton, Grand Blanc
Rosemary Hayes, Grand Rapids
Devon Hill, Owosso
Linda Hill, Owosso
Suzanne Hunt, East Lansing
Teresa Hunter, Okemos
Oksun Kim, Okemos
Lee Kronenberg, Williamston
Nancy Kronenberg, Williamston
Jann Johnson Lardie, Perry
Marti Liddle-Lameti, Owosso
Marie Lauer, East Lansing
Tom Lipinski, Flushing
Frank Livingston, Owosso

Clarence Lum, Saginaw
Gilbert McCann, Flint
Susan McGuire, Corunna
Bobbie Margolis, Okemos
Karen Marumoto, Owosso
Karen Mead Elford, Owosso
Ann Lee Merrill, Linden
Sue Monroe, Ovid
Gerald C. Moore, Gaines
Gary Mulnix, Owosso
Sherry Nelsen, Fenton
Sue Newcom, Corunna
Natalie Park, Corunna
Nancy L. Griffith Parrish, Perry
Melinda Pope, Okemos
Karl Racenis, Manchester
Brett Rogers, Vernon
Paul Rozycki, Flint
Linda Ruehle, Owosso

Philip Ruehle, Owosso
Anita Saviko, Williamston
Joy Schroeder, East Lansing
Sheryl Stephens, Holt
Gwen Sutton, Owosso
Larry Szczepanik, Flushing
Rich Tesner, Flushing
Douglas Thayer, Webberville
Tom Tomasek, Ovid
Alice Tompkins, Owosso
Catherine Tonning-Popowich, Owosso
Linda VanCise, Owosso
Jeanne Van Wieren, Williamston
Barbara Walworth, New Lothrop
Nancy Wickman, Flushing
Kate Wilcox-Leigh, Williamston
Denise Willing-Booher, Fenton
Rich Wood, Ann Arbor
Patricia Woodman, Dimondale
Xavier, Owosso

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