Artist, Alex Klinkoski

Alex Klinkoski of Owosso, Shiawassee Artists’ Guild, and the Mid Michigan Art Guild

June 26 – August 5, 2018

The Shiawassee Arts Center is set to open a new exhibit featuring the works of Alex Klinkoski of Owosso, artists representing the Mid Michigan Art Guild, and the Shiawassee Artists’ Guild. The exhibit, which opens June 26 and will run through August 5, is generously sponsored by David Harrelson.  The public is welcome to attend the opening reception to enjoy good food and drinks with the artists on Sunday, July 1 from 2-4pm.  Members will be able to receive 20% off one featured artist item during the opening reception only.

Art has always been a part of Owosso artist Alex Klinkoski’s life.  He studied both Commercial and Fine Art in college.  He made a career of Commercial art producing signs for businesses throughout Michigan since opening The Sign Gallery, in 1979.  His work in print media (lithograph, etching, screen and relief prints) is what will be on display at SAC.  This is Alex’s first art exhibit.

The Shiawassee Artists’ Guild shares a close association with SAC, where a themed exhibit of the group is featured every year highlighting each member’s area of artistic expertise.  This year’s theme is “Anything Goes”.   The guild is a group of mid-Michigan artists working in varied art media: painting in oils, acrylics, watercolors and pastels, drawing, pen & ink, printmaking, pottery and ceramic sculpture, jewelry making & collage – the list goes on and on.

Fifty artist members of the Mid-Michigan Art Guild will have work on display during this exhibit.  The Mid Michigan Art Guild was founded June 13, 1951, to promote art instruction, provide exhibitions, and create social events for its members. It continues to provide information about the creation, display, and sale of fine art and photography, and encourages artists in all of Michigan in the expression, appreciation, and enjoyment of art.

Contributing Artists

Juanita Baldwin

Juanita Baldwin
“The Woman in Charge”

Judith Anderson Bogart

Judith Anderson Bogart

Bonnie Brown (SAG) “The Doctor’s House-Fayette”

Bonnie Brown
“The Doctor’s House-Fayette”

Deb Drew Brown “The Depth of Beauty”

Deb Drew Brown
“The Depth of Beauty”

Jill Campbell (MMAG) “Ecole”

Jill Campbell (MMAG)

Rebecca Case “Path to Lookout”

Rebecca Case
“Path to Lookout”

Dan Chrenka (SAG) “Black River Falls”

Dan Chrenka (SAG)
“Black River Falls”

Jane Clotier “Spring Fields

Jane Cloutier
“Spring Fields”

Linda Cowles (MMAG) “Taking Random Chances”

Linda Cowles (MMAG)
“Taking Random Chances”

John Diephouse (MMAG) “February”

John Diephouse (MMAG)

Elaine Dobrowolski “Sienna Sunset”

Elaine Dobrowolski
“Sienna Sunset”

Ruth Egnater (MMAG) “Cocktail?”

Ruth Egnater (MMAG)

Joel Ellis (MMAG) “Waiting for Dawn”

Joel Ellis (MMAG)
“Waiting for Dawn”

Lorna Fischer (MMAG) “Summer Beauties”

Lorna Fischer (MMAG)
“Summer Beauties”

Mina Greco Hall “Food for All”

Mina Greco Hall
“Food for All”

Deena Hodson “Belonging to the Night”

Deena Hodson
“Belonging to the Night”

Shelly K. Kaye “Breath”

Shelly K. Kaye

Oksun Kim (MMAG) “Beautiful Day”

Oksun Kim (MMAG)
“Beautiful Day”

Stuart Knickerbocker (MMAG)

Stuart Knickerbocker (MMAG)

Nancy Kremsreiter “Sun Day Pew with a View”

Nancy Kremsreiter
“Sun Day Pew with a View”

Nancy & Lee Kronenberg “Ebony” & “The Kiss”

Nancy & Lee Kronenberg
“Ebony” & “The Kiss”
$200 & $475

John Kronman “The Ruby Slippers”

John Kronman
“The Ruby Slippers”

Jann Johnson Lardie “A Tisket a Tasket, a Summer Basket”

Jann Johnson Lardie
“A Tisket a Tasket, a Summer Basket”

Bobbi Margolis “Bedside Breakfast”

Bobbi Margolis
“Bedside Breakfast”

Sue Newcom “When it Pours”

Sue Newcom
“When it Pours”

Melinda Pope “Title 386”

Melinda Pope
“Title 386”

Young-Shill Roberts (MMAG) “The Indefatigable”

Young-Shill Roberts (MMAG)
“The Indefatigable”

Maureen Ryan “Rumination”

Maureen Ryan

Carolyn Texera (MMAG) “French Open Air Market”

Carolyn Texera (MMAG)
“French Open Air Market”

Tom Tomasek (MMAG) “Beauty Fades”

Tom Tomasek (MMAG)
“Beauty Fades”

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