Gallery on the Go Program Enriches the Lives of 2,500 Students

Studies show that there is a direct link between art exposure and the academic and social success of children. The Gallery on the Go art appreciation program provides that exposure! Sixty-seven SAC volunteers are presently reaching 114 classrooms in Shiawassee County — that’s about 2,500 students whose lives are being enriched through this wonderful program. For more information or to offer to share your time and talents call the Arts Center at 723-8354 or email

The Gallery on the Go program is an art appreciation program for elementary students in Shiawassee County coordinated by the Shiawassee Arts Center. The purpose of the Gallery on the Go program is to familiarize students with different types of art and also to give them a chance to “do” that kind of art themselves!

Gallery on the Go volunteers are trained at the SAC before entering the classroom. Each school has a resource room where materials and ideas can be found for Gallery on the Go volunteers. The Shiawassee Arts Center also has a resource room full of materials for volunteers to use. A Gallery on the Go presentation only takes about one hour of preparation. A Gallery on the Govolunteer visits a classroom or grade monthly for about twenty minutes bringing a new piece of art with him/her. The volunteer tells the students about the featured piece and often has activities to go along to reinforce the students’ understanding. TheGallery on the Go program is a great chance for kids and their parents to get to know art! It’s a fun experience for both you and the students. Take this great opportunity to see the joy that art has to offer!

If you are interested in becoming a Gallery-on-the-Go volunteer, please call the SAC at (989) 723-8354 for more information.

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