Current Exhibit

Celebrating its 20 year anniversary is the Shiawassee Arts Center’s annual Member Artists Show featuring a variety of multi-media artwork of alomost 80 Michigan artists beginning May 2 and running through June 25 at the Shiawassee Arts Center.
The public is invited to meet the artists, see their work, and enjoy complimentary refreshments and music during the opening reception on Sunday, May 7, from 2 – 4 p.m. During the reception, visitors will receive 10 percent off one featured show purchase.
The wide range of mediums and styles of the member artists creates an incredibly lively and colorful display sure to impress any visitor, so stop in and check out the show.

2017  Member Show Artists
$50 Award Recipients listed in red

Guy Adamec
James Atkinson
Juanita Baldwin
Janet Baugher
Jeanette Brayan
Bonnie Brown
Barb Bucher
Mark Carlson
Eldon Case
Rebecca Case
Deb Cholewicki
Dan Chrenka
Bob Crawford
Anni Crouter
Doug Delind
Laura Delind
Elaine Dobrowlski
Jill Doederlein
Robert Doran
Ruth Egnater
Joel Ellis
Marilyn Fitzpatrick
Vicki Frappier
Alan Friend
Mark Green
Angela Hamilton
Rosemary Hayes

Marcia Guetschow
Angela Hamilton
Jessica Hickey
Devon Hill
Sylvia Hirschegger
Saralee Howard
Suzanne Hunt
Oksun Kim
Deb Knipe
Nancy Kremsreiter
John Kroneman
Lee Kronenberg
Nancy Kronenberg
Donna Kurtz
Jann Johnson-Lardie
Marie Lauer
Marti Liddle-Lameti
Tom Lipinski
Clarence Lum
Gilbert McCann
Susan McGuire
Sue Monroe
Gerald Moore
Regina Moskal
Gary Mulnix
Sue Newcom
Nancy Parrish

Catherine Tonning-Popowich
Karl Racenis
Paul Rozycki
Linda Ruehle
Marshall Sanders
Joy Schroeder
Larry Szczepanik
Sharon A. Simeon
Sheryl Stephens
Bethany Stockton
Gwen Sutton
Joseph C. Teichman
Richard Tesner
Carolyn Texera
Douglas Thayer
Carol Thomas
Michelle Tock-York
Tom Tomasek
Linda Van Cise
Jeanne Van Wieren
Barbara Walworth
Nancy Wickman
Mary Wonser
Rich Wood
Patricia Woodman

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