2017 List of Caterers

Abiding in the Vine
Corky Adams 989-723-5746

The Bagelman
Mike or Grant 989-472-6003

Dianne Rogers 989-720-2003

Johnnie V’s
Catering Manager 989-720-1227

Greg & Lou’s
Christa Redmond 989-277-1967

It’s a Deli Thing
Manager 989-725-5511

Todd Sydow 989-729-0707

John Beilfeiss 989-720-5852

Arla & Tom Louks
Arla Louks 989-798-7707

Owosso Public Schools Food Services
John Klapko 989-729-5511

Roma’s Back Door
John Orin 989-725-5767

T NT Cafe Catering 
Tavi Lupu  989-494-9011

Tanglewood (Comstock Inn)
Catering Manager 989-725-0999

Wrought Iron Grill
John Lowman 989-472-9025

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