Made in Owosso

“Made in Owosso” – a once in a lifetime, 12-week historic exhibition opens on Friday, June 24 and runs through Sunday, September 18, 2016. In order to realize the full scope and potential of an exhibition like “Made in Owosso,” the Shiawassee Arts Center and the Owosso Historical Commission have reached out to 10 organizations and nonprofits in Owosso, the first time in recent history that this number has partnered to share concepts, ideas and resources. Every weekend during the exhibition, “Made in Owosso” will feature one of the organizations with special events – in Curwood Castle Park and at their locations. The organizations are:

DeVries Nature Conservancy
Shiawassee County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Shiawassee District Library – Owosso
Friends of the Shiawassee River
Shiawassee Historical Society
Owosso Community Players
Steam Railroading Institute
Owosso Main Street
Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce

Made In Owosso

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